Rust: Song Origin

     Once again thanks all for the feedback.  One of our readers asked us to explain some song origins and inspirations, so I figured we'd start from the top.

     Rust was the first song we wrote as a band.  Although we released the album in 2017, believe it or not we had the first track written, and recorded in 2013.  

I had just turned 20 years old, and had no idea that this song would serve as the foundation for the rest of the album.  In 20113 I had just finished my second year at film school.  It had been years since I played music seriously, but we decided to write and release a single that summer.  Anthony wrote a progression, and the lyrics just seemed to write themselves.

    Now if you're familiar with script writing at all, most scripts start with characters.  If you can find a great character, you have to walk in his shoes, create a history, and a personality.  Our subject in Rust is an example of this strategy.  It was the first time I ever wrote a song from a characters point of view.

     Our character has seen a lot.  Life experience has created cynicism and pessimism.  He grew up on the streets,  turned 23 in prison, and trusts no one.  This was a story I knew very little about.  Little did I know...

     Little did I know less than two months later I would be locked up.  I would be thrown out of film school.  I trusted no one.  It would not be last time I was in trouble.  

     Rust was the first of 8 songs dealing with the issue of being labeled an outlaw.  To this day it remains one of my favorites, and one of the most personal songs we have ever done.  The next song we wrote was Miracle.


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