Band on Quarantine

Hey guys, sorry for the delay in posts.  Have not had much time to sit down and write these last few weeks.  

This past Sunday, we were scheduled to enter the studio to record 4 new songs for our coming album.  We were hoping to release these songs over the coming weeks to promote what was to come.  Unfortunately Covid-19 has forced us to cancel all our plans.  

Ironically enough we had just decided to name the album "The Odds Are Even Worst."  We really fucking hit the nail on the head, didn't we?  I speak for all of us when I say we are upset by the derailment of our efforts.  Not to mention most of us are out of work at the moment, so our savings, that we so carefully budgeted, are quickly disappearing.  

Moving past that, from the very bottom of my heart I hope everybody reading this is doing alright.  A month ago I could never have imagined we'd ever be here.  This shit starts to get intensely real when people you know start dying.  For everyone who is affected by Covid-19, in any way, we are praying for you.  And for all the people who are stepping up to the plate, and providing care and emergency services for the rest of us, when the dust settles this country, and planet will owe you a huge debt of gratitude.  Shout out to my sister for being on an ambulance during this craziness, and as if that's not enough, on her off days she's taken it upon herself to suit up and use her personal vehicle to transport the sick and unhealthy.  

Right now it's around midnight.  I am having a few beers and listening to Casper Allen live stream a show from New Orleans.  If you haven't heard him yet, do yourself a favor and check him out.  Everybody remember to support your favorite indie musicians during this time, support the healthcare community, and support each other.  God bless, and see you soon.



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