Jimmy G: Greatest Front Man of All Time

If I had to vote, I would say Murphy's Law is the greatest New York Hardcore band of all time.  They represent everything I love about the genre.  It's not about fashion, and it's not about flexing; t's about the experience.  I have never seen comedy show that made me laugh harder, and I have never seen a front man that can command an audience like Jimmy G.

I first hung with Jimmy Gestapo in the summer of 2014.  I had been listening to him for years.  Tony and I, along with my brothers and friends, went to see Murphy's Law play on a boat show in New York City.  It was a few days after Jimmy's father passed away, and we spent the hours before their set drinking tequila in his honor.  We talked music, and when he asked my bands name, he got such a kick out of the malt liquor tribute that he offered us a show together.   

After a few weeks I hadn't heard back from him.  As luck would have it, Danny Diablo (another one of the greats) was hosting a party that September, and we were attending. When Jimmy arrived he never missed a beat.  He walked right up to me and put me on the spot.  "Is Steal Reserve playing our Halloween Show?" 

He had never even heard us play, and he was a good enough man to give us a chance.  We played the show, and it was such a memorable night.  The point of this post is not to tell the story of the night, but to tell the story of the man.  Jimmy G is the embodiment of Punk Rock.  He is an ambassador of underground music.  

Unfortunately music is a very clique business, full of jealousy and competition.  Murphy's law, and Jimmy only care about the music. They want to foster the next generation; stear them in the right direction, and encourage their growth.  He has remained a friend and a supporter of our music over the years.  I only wish more of us could follow his example, and support the future of the music we all love.



Steal Reserve